The advantages of e-commerce that are of interest to large investors

In a previous article, we learned how the Chinese dragon “Jack Ma” founded the “Ali Baba” group and managed to control e-commerce inside and outside China, and became the richest man in China with a wealth of $ 21.9 billion by the dvantages of e-commerce.

On March 22, 2017, everyone was surprised by the news of the acquisition of Souq.com by the American giant Amazon, with a record value of $ 650 million.

The advantages of e-commerce

The world has realized the advantages of e-commerce with the spread of the Corona epidemic, and it has become necessary for all business leaders to improve the service or product in line with the warnings of social divergence and local isolation, and the reason is the advantages of e-commerce to the seller and the consumer.

These features cannot be limited to a single article. Therefore, we will talk about some logistical features in this article, using “souq.com” as a practical example of the most prominent advantages of e-commerce, and we will complete the rest of the advantages in later articles, God willing.

The advantages of e-commerce in terms of logistics

Imagine, dear reader, with me, the size of the space that the managers of “Souq.com” would need if they decided to sell all the products on their site through traditional trade methods such as selling in stores or shopping centers, imagine the number of concrete walls and architectural constructions needed to accommodate all of this millions of products and display For customers in a way that stimulates the purchase, e-commerce is definitely the best option to meet the aspirations of investors in saving costs by launching their electronic stores.

Opinion polls indicate that weekly holidays are the preferred time for customers to shop. Most shoppers are busy with performing their duties on official business days, and thinking about customers who work for long hours, are too busy, or do not have time to shop personally. Online stores help attracts those who may not have enough time to go to the malls, in addition to that, we will not need employees to work in the night shift to ensure that all orders are completed in an optimal manner.

Where a customer can buy a product from a country other than the one he lives in through the online store, this is evident a lot through the service provided by the “Souq” website, and it allows customers to purchase products from outside the state and be shipped by “Souq.com”.

It is difficult to maintain the amount of information that can be displayed about the product in the physical store, so it is difficult to equip all employees with the same amount of information that must be available about the product, which may contribute to the loss of customer confidence.

The product description box on the “Souq” website helps you to know all the features of the product, and it also enables you to review previous buying experiences and previous product reviews.

How many customers can a store serve at the same time? On average, three, with a maximum of five (excluding supermarkets). There is no limit to the number of orders that can be submitted, processed and paid at the same time in the online store. Moreover, customers do not need to wait in the queue to make the purchase, which is a great feature like e-commerce for people who are impatient.

Clients on “Souq.com” can complete thousands of purchases simultaneously.

The purchase process takes place at the moment when the customer realizes that he has obtained the profitable deal and the free shipping of the product helps in completing the purchase because it will save him the effort and cost, which will keep him from concluding that deal.

In conclusion

We talked with you in this article about the logistical advantages of e-commerce. To learn about the marketing advantages, please review this article

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